How a Pardot Consultant Can Help in Achieving Marketing Automation for a Business

hire a certified Pardot consultant

hire a certified Pardot consultant

Every company wants to be smart when it comes to managing its marketing operations. But it’s not just simply marketing what they need. They need marketing automation. And for that, the best way to go is by implementing Pardot. Companies these days hire a certified Pardot consultant to ensure having an expert who understands the platform inside out and can benefit the team from enhanced marketing efforts. 

Pardot has now been adopted by companies as the central hub to manage lead generation and campaigning. When the requirement is to run omnichannel operations for marketing, Pardot usually is the first choice by businesses, enabling them to reach out to the audience across multiple channels, thus increasing the brand reach. 

In this blog, we’ll be emphasizing Pardot deeply, understanding how it could be the perfect choice for marketing automation. 

Why You Should Consider Pardot for Marketing Automation

To understand the value of Pardot better, let’s start by evaluating its benefits that make the solution a perfect fit for marketing automation. 

  1. Lead Generation

Being feature-packed, Pardot is a great pick for creating custom forms, building landing pages, and running social content easily throughout multiple channels. It even allows users to track the return on investment associated with any particular campaign and analyze how keywords are performing. It helps to maintain a complete view of the lead journey, thus making it easier to work on lead generation. 

Pardot helps users easily track the activities of leads and prospects. It even assigns a score whenever it tracks any activity. This activity scoring depends upon the type of activities that a business needs to track to have a better understanding of the prospect. 

  1. Workflow in Engagement Studio

Another popular feature of Pardot is its ability to run campaigns for lead nurturing. These campaigns prove to be of great help to businesses to connect prospects with suitable content and offers, something that would relate to their interests and purchase behavior. It also helps representatives to save time by not working on those prospects who are not likely to be sales-ready. 

Pardot enables companies to connect easily with prospects, leads, and multiple omnichannel functionalities. It enables users to set their workflow to run automated campaigns and save the time of the marketing team. This is the reason that business not just look for a Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer now but also seeks a professional with the understanding of Pardot.

  1. Enhance Email Marketing Efforts

It doesn’t matter how many new forms of marketing we are using; emails are still considered one of the best ways to reach out to customers and maintain a connection with them. But what you can do is crank it up a notch. Instead of simply running an email broadcast, you can work on email automation with Pardot. The platform enables you to create personalized emails and easily test them. You can have a preview of emails across multiple devices and send tested emails so you don’t end up in SPAM. 

Pardot also supports a visual editor that would enable the user to access in-built templates to create responsive and customized emails. It enables you to send out branded emails with personalized content and helps you send them out at the right time. Not only this, but Pardot also supports advanced reporting features that could help teams connect emails at every stage of the email campaign. Users can easily maintain track of open rates and other KPIs to ensure that their email campaign is running in the right order. 

  1. Align Sales and Marketing Teams

Using Pardot within your organization can also be a helpful way to align your sales and marketing teams, enabling them to work in coordination. This helps them to work together and make a collaborative effort to get more conversions for the business. That’s possible with the numerous features supported by Pardot. 

Pardot comes with a feature that enables users to track activities through which all teams, whether sales or marketing, can easily track the activities of prospects at all times. Also, it enables the teams to evaluate the customer data and gather insights to segment the leads accordingly and run personalized campaigns. 

Enables Marketing Automation with a Certified Pardot Consultant

Marketing is the way companies seek attention from customers and try to bring them towards their brand. So, if you run excellent marketing campaigns, chances are you’ll likely convert more prospects. Pardot is the tool that will help you make the most of marketing automation features so you can run efficient campaigns. 

Now you know what exactly you want, but for that, you’ll have to get the best professional onboard. Just like for testing your Salesforce solution, you need to hire Salesforce testers, similarly, to acquire the benefits from Pardot, you should consider hiring a certified Pardot consultant. 360 Degree Cloud is where you can find these certified and experienced professionals for your Salesforce needs. 

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