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When you’re wearing a bathing suit, it’s easy to get carried away and show too much. However, this isn’t necessary. The goal is for people to see your body in an appealing way. For example, the French bikini is far more revealing than any other type of swimsuit because it shows off the entire lower body–including the butt cheeks!

The French Bikini

The French bikini is a two-piece bathing suit that features a top and bottom. The top is a one piece with ties at the waist, while the bottom has a tie around the waist as well. The top is more revealing than the bottom, showing skin from midriff down to navel (the lower part of your belly button).

The Bikini With Nude Butts and Thighs

The bathing suits that show too much that covers the buttocks and thighs. It’s a popular swimsuit for women and men, but it’s also popular with children.

The Asymmetrical Bikini

The asymmetrical bikini is one of the most popular bathing suits on the market today. It’s made from two different colors and materials, with two different shapes and sizes.

The first thing you’ll notice when you look at an asymmetrical bikini is that it isn’t symmetrical—the top half is wider than the bottom half. This makes it easier to see your body shape in this style of swimsuit because there aren’t any lines where they’d be hidden by fabric on one side or another (like there would be if you wore something like a traditional triangle or square).

The Sex Appeal Lingerie

The Sex Appeal Lingerie is a bathing suit that sits somewhere in between the two extremes. It’s not too revealing, but it’s not boring either. This piece of clothing can be worn by both men and women who want to show off some skin without going too far or looking like they’re trying too hard.

The Sex Appeal Lingerie has all sorts of different styles and colors available for purchase online or at select retailers across the country (check out our list below). If you’re looking for something new this summer, consider getting yourself one of these suits!

You don’t need to show too much when you wear a bathing suit.

You don’t need to show too much when you wear a bathing suit.

  • Bikini is not a dress. It’s not even close to being one, so don’t even think about wearing it as a dress. If the bikini is too tight and revealing, people will look at you funny because they’ll be wondering why this person decided to wear such an immodest garment in public (and trust me: I’ve been there).
  • Beach is not a dress; it doesn’t matter what anyone says about how “sexy” or “swimsuit” it looks on other bodies—those opinions are just opinions; they’re not facts! If someone tells me that my breasts are too big for my swimsuit bottoms then I’ll tell them where they can shove those words into their mouths because they have no basis in reality whatsoever! In fact…


Here’s the bottom line: You don’t need to show too much when you wear a bathing suit. Choosing one with an asymmetrical cut, like this one from Affinitas, will leave most of your body covered while still accentuating your best assets. But if you want something more daring, try out a sexy lingerie-style one with lots of cleavage and thigh exposure! And remember that it is always better to err on the side of caution than risk being seen in public wearing anything too revealing.

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