What is Transparency Mode on Earbuds and Earbuds Price in Pakistan?

Earbuds Price in Pakistan

Earbuds Price in Pakistan

To fully understand what the transparency mode in headphones is, imagine how you can listen to your favorite music while keeping up with the ambient noise in a busy cafe. Transparency mode allows you to hear double. Thanks to sound filtering in the headphones, there is no danger of being cut off from your surroundings. This feature is an upgrade of the active noise canceling feature of the headphones; instead of blocking out background noise, it filters it out along with the sound you’re currently playing. In this article, we explain what is transparency mode on earbuds and earbuds price in Pakistan

If you want to know what transparency mode is, find out what transparency mode and transparency mode do in headphones. Read on to find the answers.

How does Transparency Mode Work on Earbuds?

Transparent mode is one of the coolest features of modern headphones. It works with a world-facing microphone to pick up ambient noise and artificial intelligence algorithms to control it in real time. As soon as you activate the transparent mode, your surroundings come to life: you can hear people talking or traffic noise around you. This is achieved by mixing external audio with your music or podcast, resulting in a balanced and natural listening experience without the need to constantly change the volume or pause the music. In addition, Transparency mode works through the earpiece’s outward-facing microphone rather than the internal microphone used for making calls, so you never have to worry about the audio quality degradation that would otherwise result from the manipulation of external noise.

What Does Transparency Mode Do?

Active noise cancellation (ANC) makes it difficult for the outside world to be heard when this feature is present. Transparency mode allows background noise to pass through the headphones instead of blocking them. This feature allows you to hear twice while listening to the sound coming from your headphones and the sounds of the outside world.

At this point we see the heart of the question of what the transparency mode does. You can enjoy the transparency mode when you need to be self-aware while enjoying your favorite sound. These scenarios show what transparency mode is and its security benefits:

  • You work out in the gym, but you also have a chat with a friend or gym buddy. When this feature is enabled, you can continue chatting while your favorite music is playing.
  • You’re waiting for the announcement, but you want to spend your time nodding to your favorite song.
  • You listen to music on the train, bus or plane and you want to know what is happening around you. This is the best example of what transparency mode is.
  • You are walking on a busy street and you want to hear the sound around you while listening to the podcast.

Which Earbuds Feature Transparency Mode?

The updated version of the Sound core Liberty 2 Pro is specially designed to meet all your listening needs. You can enjoy the transparency mode in the updated version of Liberty 2 Pro. It offers a dual listening experience for your own voice and the sounds around you. Press and hold on the right earbud to use this feature or use the Soundcore app to switch to transparency mode.

One of the amazing features of this design is Hi-Res Audio wireless certification and LDAC technology. This allows you to transfer three times more data and ensures an optimal listening experience. Knowles’ patented balanced armature driver reproduces intricate details and harmonizes high and low frequencies.

When you use the updated version of Liberty 2 Pro, your music experience will be enhanced as there is a wide soundstage that perfectly reproduces every instrument. This headset is very personal because you can create a sound configuration that suits your hearing profile and you can also add your favorite genre with HearID 2.0.

You can also charge the charging case with a USB-C fast charging cable or wireless charger. If you’re concerned about battery life, a 15-minute charge will give you up to 3 hours of listening time. If you’re looking to buy the upgraded version of the Liberty 2 Pro, it comes with liquid silicone ear tips and ear tips in a variety of sizes to help you find the perfect fit for your ears.


  1. Astria coaxial acoustic architecture
  2. Unparalleled HD picture quality
  3. Transparency mode functionality
  4. Up to 7 hours of playback time
  5. Multiple silicone pads and tips for a perfect fit.
  6. Deeper bass, sparkling highs
  7. Aesthetically pleasing charging case

Frequently Asked Questions about What Transparency Mode is

Does Transparency Mode Matter?

The purpose of Transparency mode is to allow outside sound to pass through while preserving the original sound. You can go ahead and interact in real life while listening to your music.

Still listening to music in transparency mode?

Answer yes! However, unlike normal playback settings, the volume of your music is lowered so that other sounds around you can also be heard.

Can you hear better in transparency mode?

If you can. The ANC Headphone Transparency mode allows you to listen to music or audio through your headphones while still actively participating in real-time conversations or what’s going on around you.


A good pair of in-ear headphones should provide excellent sound quality and connectivity, be ideal for better hearing and be able to produce great sound without sacrificing background noise. If you want to know what Transparency Mode is and enjoy your favorite podcast or music while paying attention to your surroundings, get a suitable headset like the upgraded Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro.

Headphone transparency mode is an optional feature that provides better sound quality. In addition to the sound quality, it offers an option that allows you to listen to your favorite songs safely. With this plugin you get the best of both worlds in one elegant design.

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