The Latest Trends in Student Accommodation: What London Has to Offer

Student Accommodation London

London has always been a great place for students without any second thought. For more than a century, numerous students from throughout the world have been visiting London to get higher education. Even, you can read the names of some celebrities from around the world in history who visited this fabulous city to acquire higher education.

For students, who visit London, there are some excellent places available for their accommodations. The accommodations come equipped with excellent facilities for students for different aspects of their lives such as fun, fitness, studies, dining, and more. Moreover, there are residences available in different price ranges so students with all types of budgets can rent accommodation in London.

Many trends are prevalent in student accommodation London in the present times. Here, you will read about some latest trends.

Accommodations Are Booked Quickly These Days So Book Early

This is the era of online platforms. Gone are the days when students or their parents were required to visit London to search for and book accommodation. Today, bookings start several months before the beginning of the university sessions in London through online platforms.

So, till the last moment, many of the accommodations are full and you may face difficulty in finding them. Still, you can get accommodation but in that case, you may not find it according to your preferences.

The Prices of Accommodations Rise When the Time of the Commencement of the Session Comes Closer

When the time of the commencement of accommodation comes closer in London, the prices of accommodations start rising. If you book accommodation at the last moment you get it at a very high price. This is also one of the reasons why you should book accommodation early.

Different Types of Accommodations Available for Students in London

This is an all-time trend in London so it is present in the year 2023 also. There are different types of accommodations available in this great city. Here are some popular types:

Studios: Studios are getting widely popular among students in the present times. Studios can be found for one or two students and are self-contained units. All the studios in London have private bathrooms. Moreover, there are private kitchen areas, living areas, sleeping areas, study areas, and more in a single large space.

Ensuite Rooms: Ensuite rooms are provided to students who like to stay alone in their rooms and want ensuite bathrooms. Shared kitchens and lounge areas are provided to students living in ensuite rooms.

Non-Ensuite Rooms: Non-ensuite rooms are also offered to students with a wish to live in their private areas. But, they are different from ensuite rooms in the fact that here shared bathrooms are provided to students. All other things are the same as ensuite rooms such as shared kitchens and shared lounge areas.

Shared Rooms: Students who wish to live with companions can book shared rooms in London. There are shared rooms available in London where two or more residents can stay. Bathrooms, lounge areas, kitchens, and all other areas are communal for the residents of shared rooms.

Apartments: Apartments are available in London with one or more bedrooms. Depending upon the apartments, bedrooms may be occupied by one or two students. There are bedrooms available with ensuite bathrooms and shared bathrooms. The other areas are usually shared in all the apartments such as kitchens and lounge areas. In some exceptional cases, you can find a private kitchen area in some bedrooms.

Three Types of Student Properties Are Available in London

Like the above-mentioned one, it is also an all-time trend in London. There are three types of accommodation properties available in London, which include:

#1. University Halls

University halls are the accommodation properties managed by universities and some of them are on campus. These halls have some special arrangements for international students in London. All the above-mentioned types of accommodations (studios, ensuite rooms, non-ensuite rooms, shared rooms, and apartments) are available in these halls.

#2. Private Student Housing Complexes

Private student housing complexes are the private alternative to the university halls and there are a number of facilities available inside them according to the needs and wishes of students. Studios, ensuite rooms, non-ensuite rooms, shared rooms, and apartments can be found in these properties also.

#3. Private Rental Apartments

These are private apartments other than students’ properties but are rented a lot by students.

Rents Are Rising in 2023 So Make Sure to Increase Your Budget With the rise in prices and global economics, the rise in the cost of living in London is also increasing in the year 2023. Therefore, the rents of accommodations are also rising in London. So, it is also advised to students from around the world to increase their budget.

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