Exploring the Best Local Hangouts for Student Accommodation Berkeley

Student Accommodation Berkeley

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Home to the oldest campus in the University of California, Berkeley is one of the most beautiful cities which attracts students from across the globe. The Graduate Theological Union recognizes this city for its academic institutions dedicated to religion. Here you can find some of the other institutions too comprising Wright Institute, Zaytuna College, Institute of Buddhist Studies, and Peralta Community College. When it comes to places to hang out, Berkeley offers a plethora of options for student accommodation. Most of them are mentioned below:

The University of California Botanical Garden: If you love plants and want to breathe some pure oxygen, then you must visit the University of California Botanical Garden. In the year 1890, someone founded it, and it possesses an exceptional collection of more than 10,000 varieties of plants. They spread the expansive garden across 34 acres of land. It is divided into different sections which represent plants from California, Eastern North America, Australia, and so on. This place is ideal for any leisurely nature walks. The scenic trails meander across a wide variety of landscapes. There are also picnic tables in four different regions. The different facilities comprise restrooms, a garden shop, and also the Julia Morgan Hall. There is an amphitheater which is used as the venue for a summer concert series. 

Downtown: If you want to have an amazing time over here, then Downtown is the best place to be. Downtown is the city’s vibrant urban hub where you can enjoy a wide range of arts, dining options, shopping, and lodging too. There is a great supply of everything here that will make your life comfortable.

Bartavelle Coffee and Wine Bar: If you want to click some Instagrammable photos, then this café is your dream destination.
You can enjoy colorful toasts from avocado to ricotta, which we artfully arrange on wooden serving boards. You can relax on rustic wooden benches amidst exposed brick walls and string lights hanging above. The toasts over here take all the spotlight. You can also enjoy some sweet and savoury porridge, sandwiches, salads, and cheese boards. When you are here, you can have some avocado toast. You can add some lemon juice and olive oil for that extra zing.

The Berkeley Marina: If you want to enjoy some quaint time, then you can go to The Berkeley Marina. You can have an amazing time over here even if you are alone. This place comprises waterfront trails and a marina for recreational boats. It comprises more than 100 acres of parkland. This bayside park provides a panoramic view of the San Francisco Bay bridges, Angel Island as well as Alcatraz. This park features seven miles of trails, a 17-acre off-leash dog park, and a place where you can cycle around. There are many scenic places where you can enjoy a picnic or simply hang out with your friends. One of the popular attractions is the Adventure Playground. It is packed with some interesting activities, creative play space, and more.

Yali’s Café: You can face the enchanting Hearst Mining Circle from Stanley Hall. The campus location of Yali’s Café makes for a relaxing study spot, especially around the sunset. The café provides both indoor and outdoor seating options so that you can enjoy the view and click some great pictures. The café offers some delicious pastries and coffee drinks which you can enjoy.

Zellerbach Hall: If you want to enjoy some theatre and music performances, then you must visit Berkeley’s cultural center. On the U.C. Berkeley Campus, the Cal Performances presented a program of some exceptional artists. The performance genre comprises classical music, piano concerts, jazz, dance, ballet as well as theatre. Also on the campus, there is the Central Works theatre company that puts on performances at Berkeley City Club. The downtown area is also home to different theatres and venues. Most of them are found on Addison Street. You can also visit The Berkeley Repertory Theatre which is a Toney Award Winning Theatre group. You can watch a wide range of shows across the year. From classics to contemporary Pulitzer Prize-winning plays and musical premieres, you can have complete fun. 

Wrapping Up

Berkeley is the best place to be where you can have the utmost fun as a student. However, it is best to find the right kind of student accommodation Berkeley as soon as possible.  Look for accommodations that are comfortable, safe, and loaded with amenities. So, what are you waiting for? Book your accommodation now.

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