12 Important Questions to Ask When Writing a Biography

Questions to Ask When Writing a Biography

Writing a biography is a fascinating and challenging endeavor that allows us to delve into the lives of remarkable individuals and share their stories with the world. However, to create a compelling and accurate biography, it is crucial to ask the right questions. In this article, we will explore 12 important questions to ask when writing a biography, ensuring that you capture the essence of the person’s life and leave a lasting impact on your readers. If you are looking for the best biography writing services, we will also provide guidance on finding professional assistance to bring your subject’s story to life.

Important Questions to Ask When Writing a Biography

1. Who is the Subject of the Biography?

Before diving into the details, it’s essential to clearly identify the subject of the biography. Provide a brief overview of their background, achievements, and why they are worth writing about. This will set the stage for your readers and create intrigue.

2. What Motivated the Subject?

Understanding the subject’s motivations is key to comprehending their journey. What inspired and drove them to pursue their passions? Uncover their inner desires and the events that shaped their path.

3. How Did the Subject Overcome Challenges?

Life is filled with obstacles, and exploring how the subject overcame challenges adds depth and relatability to the biography. Highlight the struggles they faced and the strategies they employed to triumph over adversity.

4. What Were the Subject’s Major Accomplishments?

A biography should celebrate the subject’s achievements and showcase their impact on society or their field of expertise. Identify the subject’s major milestones, breakthroughs, and contributions that made a difference.

5. How Did the Subject Influence Others?

Great individuals often inspire and influence those around them. Investigate how the subject impacted others’ lives, whether through mentorship, leadership or by being a source of inspiration.

6. What Was the Subject’s Legacy?

A biography goes beyond the subject’s life and extends into their lasting legacy. Reflect on the subject’s enduring impact and how their contributions continue to shape the world even after they are gone.

7. What Were the Subject’s Personal Relationships?

A person’s relationships play a significant role in their life story. Explore the subject’s family, friendships, and romantic connections, as they contribute to a more holistic understanding of their character.

8. How Did the Subject Navigate Success and Fame?

Success and fame can bring both opportunities and challenges. Examine how the subject handled their rise to prominence, the impact it had on their life, and any lessons that can be gleaned from their experiences.

9. What Were the Subject’s Core Values and Beliefs?

To truly comprehend the subject’s choices and actions, it is important to explore their core values and beliefs. Investigate their guiding principles and how they influenced their decisions throughout life.

10. What Were the Subject’s Major Influences?

Every person is shaped by external influences. Identify the key individuals, events, or experiences that impacted the subject’s life, providing insights into their character development and growth.

11. What Were the Subject’s Lesser-Known Aspects?

While some aspects of a person’s life may be widely known, there are often hidden or lesser-known facets that reveal new dimensions. Uncover these hidden gems to present a more comprehensive portrayal of the subject.

12. How Can the Subject’s Story Inspire Others?

Finally, consider how the subject’s life story can serve as a source of inspiration for your readers. Highlight the lessons, values, and experiences that can empower others and encourage personal growth.


When writing a biography, asking the right questions is crucial to capturing the essence of the subject’s life. The 12 important questions discussed in this article provide a comprehensive framework for creating a compelling and impactful biography. By delving into motivations, challenges, accomplishments, and influences, you can create a captivating narrative that inspires and resonates with readers.

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