SBODY EMS 20 suit

SBODY EMS 20 suit

The four-piece suit features Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology and includes two straps that wrap around your arms, a set of shorts for your hips and a SBODY EMS SUIT  20 that fastens with a front zipper.

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The “Pulse Pack” of the clothing contains a battery and syncs with the app’s platform, allowing the virtual trainer to monitor the intensity of your clothing during your workout. The undergarments are designed from top to bottom to be worn without underwear and maintain the proper level of body moisture to maximize the suit’s effect on targeted muscle groups.

If you are wondering, “Is it safe to connect electricity to my body?” The suit is FDA approved. It is rechargeable and lasts an average of 8 workouts before needing it. The entire system weighs just three pounds.

EMS suit and applied work

The first time you log into the app, you’ll be asked to answer a few personal questions, including your date of birth, height, weight, and current activity level. From there, an introductory video will walk you through the SBODY EMS SUIT  20, including wetting the suit’s pads. Which allows the electromagnetic transmitters to work effectively, and tightening the shorts and arm straps to ensure just the right amount of compression.


It sounds overwhelming, but once you pair your SBODY EMS SUIT  20 with the app, it assesses compression and moisture levels and alerts you if something is wrong. During the initial setup, you will set the intensity for your quads, hamstrings, gluts, abs, lower back, mid back, upper back, chest, and shoulders. These numbers are likely to vary as some muscle groups are stronger than others. The goal is to feel constant stimulation in every muscle group.

When you’re ready to choose a workout, you’ll be able to sort on the filter platform by strength, power, cardio or recovery, as well as by trainer and difficulty level. The app includes introductory workouts and a “what’s new” section where new workouts are added.

Instructions Suit:

The SBODY EMS SUIT  20 itself, which you wear over your base layer, is made up of many parts, including a vest, shorts, shoulder straps, and shoulder pads. Delivers low frequency impulses to all major muscle groups. The suit is washable, but it’s best to air dry as recommended by the brand.

Pulse Pack:

 Think of it like the brain of the suit. It looks like a battery and translates commands from the app into precise pulses. That are delivered directly to the right muscles at the right time during your workout. The Impulse kit fits in a suit pocket.

 Take a personal walk:

 Each of our testers received a personal installation demonstration with an instructor, which is a standard service offering.

Apply base coat:

 You wear your base layer, which is very easy to wear. But a downside is that you have to wear very thin underwear or none at all. That the SBODY EMS SUIT  20 doesn’t work properly in certain areas.

 Prepare your suit:

The suit itself is difficult, but having a trainer check the settings makes the process easier. The suit is padded and you start by laying it flat and wetting the pads so the EMS can work properly. It offers a water dispenser which we found useful but can still get dirty. You’ll probably need a towel (or two) nearby.

Check compliance:

 The trainer will walk you through how to attach the proper wires and straps to make sure the SBODY EMS SUIT  20 is tight to your body and tight enough for effective muscle stimulation. There are several Velcro straps, buckles and cords that you need to make sure they are in the correct position. The initial set up can take a while – we spent about 15 minutes on the first try. But once we figured out the instructions, we were able to assemble the gear within five minutes on subsequent launches.


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