Top 10 Successful Online Food Delivery Apps in 2023

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Food is a universal human need that we must use to sustain life and good health. Humans derive several beneficial properties like proteins, carbohydrates, energy, vitamins, minerals, and fibre. That is why the food delivery business is in a hyperactive phase as the surge in demand for the services keeps soaring. It is no surprise that more online food delivery apps keep popping up regularly.

Established food delivery apps have strengthened their market positions and performance. The 2023 market scenario presents a twist to the overall tale. Thousands of new food delivery apps operate across India. Some are regional and others have a national or global footprint. So, who are the top 10 successful food delivery apps in 2023? Let us investigate to find out more below:

(1). Zomato (Android & iOS):

Zomato, the leading food delivery app since 2010, has an expanded national footprint. Zomato has captivated most users with its service approach and business plan. Besides food delivery services, the added value of fine dining, advance table booking, and takeaway services endears them to customers. Millions of restaurants, hotels, and fine dining options across India have aligned with Zomato food delivery services. It has also acquired a global food delivery service with a presence in several regions and countries.

(2). Swiggy (Android & iOS): 

A household name across India for its far-flung reach in food delivery services. Used by a cross-section of clientele, it offers food delivery across India, catering to various regional and national food tastes and menus. Having started in Bengaluru, India’s IT hub, it is no wonder the perfectly designed app draws food lovers for its tasty food delivered on time, anywhere.

(3). Uber Eats (Android & iOS): 

A common household name in several parts of India, especially cities and metros. The eclectic choice of partnering with trusted names in the food business makes it more trustworthy. Uber Eats’ phenomenal growth story sprung from Mumbai, India, with a mission for affordable food delivery services. The app has gained a lot of market share for its service quality.

(4). Food Panda: 

The German-born food app has acquired fast traction with its long duration of on-demand food apps. It provides a diverse global menu ranging from Asian, Continental, European, Italian, Mexican, American, and some celebrated African cuisines. Its global footprint makes it one of the largest food delivery apps in the world today. Food is well categorised in terms of less-calorie and extra-calorie dishes.

(5). Dominos (Android & iOS):

We may know Domino’s as a pizza joint or brand. That is not far from the truth. However, there are now multiple food menus to satiate your hungry self. You can order your favourite burger or pizza on a simple interface that offers express pickup and safe online payment options.

(6). Eat Fit (Android and iOS):

The Bengaluru-based food delivery app has broken milestones in the sector in the short span of its launch. Its objective is to provide well-cooked, nutritious food at competitive rates. It makes an impression on several customers by helping them know their calorie intake per serving or dish. Besides, there are recommendations on the best combinations for good health results. There are also free exercise sessions and yoga to maximise body fitness and health.

(7). Pizza Hut (Android & iOS): 

Who does not know or remember Pizza Hut? Perhaps the oldest of the apps. The quality of taste, food offerings on the app, and timely delivery inspire many to use it. The global food delivery app has a pan-India footprint with penetration into the smallest cities and towns. From pizzas to pasta, and Indian mainstream dishes, it has redefined several basics and constants in the sector. 

(8). Speedyy Superapp (Android & iOS):

The breakthrough food delivery app is innovative, modern, user-friendly for most customers. It is the fastest growing online food delivery platform as it boasts of several features like buy food at actual restaurant prices, know best dining options nearby, and order tracking features. Speedyy Superapp also offers value-added services. It’s simply amazing with what you can do on the Speedyy Superapp.

(9). EatSure (Android & iOS):

The new food delivery app started in 2020 in Mumbai. It lets customers order food from multiple restaurants simultaneously. Customers can order food without additional delivery charges. It is cheap, user-friendly, and gives customers a great experience with several food quality checks and hygiene practises. The advantage is delivery to several metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Hyderabad.

(10). Travel Khana (Android & iOS): 

What is constant while travelling is the need to stop or even continue while eating something, especially on railways. As a dedicated food delivery app on the railway’s platform, it feeds millions of hungry passengers travelling to various destinations across India.


Ultimately, it is all about the quality, taste, and cost of your food ordered online. With several apps to choose from when making an online food purchase, this compilation critically examines each app’s strengths and weaknesses to give users the best input while ordering food online. Today, online food orders and purchases are mainstream with payment gateways and UPIs; you can choose a good online food delivery app in 2023 according to taste and location or other factors. Speedyy Superapp is an innovative alternative that offers customers the beautiful options of paying less and enjoying the same online food delivery services in 2023.

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