5 Unconventional Ways to Use Veneers for a Funky Look in Your Home


Veneer for home décor is an excellent choice to add elegance and royal touch to your houses. Their smooth surface and their warm tone give a luxurious look to your home. More and more homeowners and interior designers are shifting towards veneers rather than solid woods due to the numerous benefits provided by them.

Let us find out about the advantages of veneers and the ways to use them in your homes. 

Advantages of Using Veneers in Your Home

Veneers have become an important material when it comes to decorating your house. They provide several benefits to homeowners in comparison to solid woods. Let’s look at some of the advantages of using veneers in your home. 

  1. Wide Range of Variety

CenturyVeneers provide a wide range of veneers to meet the requirements of different tastes and décor themes of the house. You can find veneers in different patterns, textures, solid colors, and even modern designs. CenturyVeneers allows you to choose from a variety of options and decorate your house in the way you want. 

  1. Easy Installation

Decorative veneers can be used in different styles and at different places. Moreover, the installation process of veneers is quite easy and simple. The simple ways to use veneers in your home include stapling, gluing, and even nailing. They can also be attached using strong adhesive tapes. The adaptable properties of veneers make them an excellent product for professional interior design. Moreover, veneers allow the artists to use their creativity while decorating their homes. 

  1. Low Maintenance

CenturyVeneers requires little to no maintenance. They are resistant to scratches, stains, humidity, moisture, and even water. You just need to clean them with a damp cloth once in a while. They are designed to last for several years without losing their shiny appearance. 

  1. Cost-Effective

Solid woods are highly expensive, and a major section of society cannot afford it. However, it does not mean that you cannot decorate your house. CenturyVeneers are an alternative solution to solid woods. Since veneers are made up of wood pieces and require less wood in the manufacturing process, veneers are cheap as compared to solid wood. Due to its cost-effectiveness, veneers have become the reasonable choice for homeowners and interior designers to decorate their homes and interiors. 

  1. High-Quality Products

CenturyVeneers are manufactured with cutting-edge production methods, which guarantees the premium quality of products. The thickness and consistency of veneers are controlled in their manufacturing process. It is ensured that there is uniformity in the veneers to make them suitable for large-scale products.

  1. Sustainable Products

CenturyVeneers are an eco-friendly solution as it requires less wood in its production process. Moreover, the company is dedicated to forestry practices and collects wood from certified forests only. The certification ensures that wood comes from sustainable forests which respect local people and animal rights. 

Tips to Use Veneers in Your Home for Funky Look

Let’s look at some ideas to use veneers in your house to make it a dreamy place.

  1. Indulge in Statement Walls

You can use veneers to create statement walls. When it is done right, it gives an unfinished and natural look and adds elegance to your home. The statement walls go well with large space. So, if you are blessed with large walls in your bedroom or living room, use veneers to give your walls an accent and statement look. 

  1. Give Your Walls a 3D Effect

This is one of the biggest benefits offered by flexible veneers. It adds depth and texture to your home and plays with shadow to give it a dramatic effect. You can use uneven stone surfaces to create a 3D effect on your walls. This will surely complement the neutral colors in your home and steal the limelight. 

  1. Add Veneers at Exterior Walls for a Funky and Attractive Entrance

The entrance is the first impression of your house. So, it is important to give them a funky look to impress all your guests. Moreover, it is a great way to make your house modern but in a traditional way. 

Adding Decorative veneers at your entrance also helps you to reduce air-conditioning costs by adding an extra layer of insulation. This extra layer of insulation keeps your interiors cool. 

  1. Go with Black Colours

Black is the most preferred color when it comes to designing your interiors. Some people love it, while others want to stay away from it. Even if you want to stay away from the black color, you cannot deny the fact that black is a timeless interior design. Attach black veneers to a small portion of your wall to add an aesthetic appearance to your home. 

  1. Give Your Kitchen a Rustic Look

Adding stone veneer for home décor to your kitchen gives it a timeless rustic look and makes it feel alive. Moreover, stone veneers are available in different colors and patterns to match your interiors. 

In a Nutshell

If you are thinking of renovating your house, opt for veneers rather than solid wood. Think of various benefits offered by CenturyVeneers. Veneers allow you to decorate your house while giving them an aesthetic appeal, and they won’t lose their shine for years. So, what are you waiting for? Use veneers in your house to give them an elegant look under your budget. Visit the official website to learn more about CenturyVeneers. 

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