The Process to Apply for Commercial Vehicle License in India – Easy Steps for Beginners

Commercial Vehicle license

Obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in India involves a straightforward process with specific requirements. This article will guide beginners through the steps required to apply for a commercial vehicle license in India, ensuring a smooth and efficient application process.

School bus drivers must hold a Class B license for their school buses at Mahindra Cruzio School. There are various stages involved while applying for the Commercial Vehicle License.

Types of Commercial Driving Licenses in India

In India, there are eight types of CDLs based on the driving vehicle. Each type has its specific training requirements due to the varying risks and modes of operation associated with different commercial vehicles.

Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)

The LMV category includes vehicles such as motorcars, jeeps, delivery vans, and taxis. It encompasses a range of licenses from private to commercial.


LMV-NT refers to light commercial vehicles used for non-transport purposes.

Medium Goods Vehicle (MGV)

This category comprises all medium goods vehicles.

Heavy Transport Vehicle (HTV)

HTV involves heavy transport vehicles used for commercial purposes.

Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV)

HMV refers to heavy motor vehicles used for commercial operations.

Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle (HPMV)

HPMV includes heavy motor vehicles designed for passenger transport.

Heavy Goods Motor Vehicle (HGMV)

HGMV comprises heavy motor vehicles used for transporting goods.


To obtain a trailer license, it is necessary to possess a heavy motor vehicle license.

Eligibility Criteria for Commercial Driving License

To be eligible for a commercial driving license (CDL) in India, applicants need to meet specific criteria. While these criteria may vary between states and union territories, some common requirements include:

  1. Citizenship: Applicants must be Indian citizens. Non-Indian citizens are not eligible for a CDL.
  2. Age Requirement: The minimum age requirement for a CDL is usually 18 years, although some states may have higher age requirements.
  3. Educational Qualification: Applicants must have at least an 8th-grade education or higher.
  4. Learner’s License: Obtaining a learner’s license is a prerequisite for applying for a CDL.
  5. Training: Applicants are generally required to undergo training from a government motor training school or a school affiliated with the government.

Before starting the application process, it is important to gather all the necessary documents. The following section outlines the required documents for a commercial driving license in India.

Documents Required for Commercial Driving License

When applying for a commercial driving license (CDL) in India, it is essential to have the following documents ready:

  1. Proof of Residence: Applicants must provide a document that serves as proof of residence. Acceptable documents include a Passport, Voter ID card, Ration card, or any other document recognized by the Regional Transport Office (RTO).
  2. Identity Proof: Applicants must submit a document as proof of identity. Acceptable identity proofs include the Aadhaar card, PAN card, birth certificate, or any other relevant document.
  3. Duly Filled Application Forms: Applicants need to fill out and submit specific application forms, which may vary depending on the state or union territory. Commonly required forms include Form 2 (Application for the Grant or Renewal of a Driving License), Form 1A (Medical Certificate), and Form 5 (Declaration as to Physical Fitness).
  4. Original Learner’s License: Applicants must possess their original learner’s license, which demonstrates that they have undergone training and possess basic driving skills.
  5. Passport Size Photograph: Recent passport-sized photographs need to be provided. The number of photographs required.

The number of photographs required may vary depending on the specific requirements of the RTO.

Application Process

Applying for a commercial driving license (CDL) in India can be done through both online and offline methods. Let’s explore each process in detail.

Online Application Process

Follow these steps to apply for a Commercial Driving License online:

  1. Log in to the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways portal or the designated online portal for CDL applications.
  2. Download Form No. 4 for a commercial driving license. Make sure to download the correct form from the official website to avoid discrepancies.
  3. Fill in the form with accurate information, providing all the necessary details as mentioned in the online form.
  4. Gather the required documents, including identity proof (such as a passport, voter ID card, or Aadhaar card), address proof, photographs, medical certificate (Form 1A), and Form 5 provided by the training center. Ensure you have the necessary scanned copies or digital versions of these documents for uploading during the online application process.
  5. Upload the filled form and the required documents as per the instructions provided on the portal. Make sure to follow the guidelines regarding file size, format, and other document upload specifications.
  6. After completing the above process, pay the required fees for the CDL application. Be sure to complete the payment process as instructed.
  7. Double-check all the information in the form and ensure that all necessary documents are uploaded before submitting your application.
  8. Once you have successfully submitted the application, you should receive a confirmation or a serial number on your registered mobile number or email. Make a note of this number for future reference.

Offline Application Process

If you prefer to apply for a CDL offline, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) office.
  2. Collect Form No. 2 from the office.
  3. Submit the completed form along with Form No. 1A for the medical fitness certificate.
  4. Obtain Form 5 from the training center.
  5. Prepare all the relevant documentation, including proof of residence, valid passport, voter ID, or Aadhaar card.
  6. Submit the completed forms and necessary documents along with the required fees.
  7. After successful submission, you will receive a serial number on your registered cell phone.
  8. Choose a suitable day and time for the driving test. Once you pass the exam, you will be issued your commercial driving license.

It’s worth noting that applicants must possess a learner’s permit for at least six months before applying for a commercial driving license. Additionally, bus drivers working for Mahindra Cruzio Staff are required to hold a Commercial Vehicle License (CVL).

It signifies your eligibility and authorization to operate commercial vehicles for business purposes. So, make sure to fulfill all the necessary requirements and adhere to the application

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