Five Reasons Why Goa Should Be On Your Bucket List

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Whenever youngsters or party animals want to plan a trip to India and decide where to go, Goa is always the first and second number on the list. Goan is known for its beaches and never-ending parties at the seaside.

If you plan to visit any place and create your bucket list, consider spending your vacation in Goan. Here in this blog, I am going to tell you the five reasons why Goa should be on your bucket list. So plan your trip in a way that it will be one of your unforgettable memories.

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Five Reasons Why Goa Should be on Your Bucket List

  1. Beaches and Water Activities to Do in Goa: The tiny state of India is known for never-ending parties over the beach and water activities. There are scores of famous beaches in Goa, like Baga Beach, Palolem, Anjuna, Jim, and many more. There are more than thirty-five beaches in Goa where you will get different experiences on different coasts. There are also many water activities in Goa, rafting, kayaking, parasailing, scuba diving, and so on, which will make your trip memorable and helps to rejuvenate your soul.
  1. Best and Affordable Food Experience in Goan: Whenever we eat anything, it has the capacity to swing our mood, good and bad both. The menu of the Restaurants in Goa is full of a variety of delicious food, whether veg or non-veg. You can also find many food stalls near the beach, roadside, or government-allotted places. You can taste many types of food there. With a pocket-friendly budget, you will get a numerous variety of sea and regular cuisine.
  2. Hop-On Hop-Off Buses: Goa, where eating and drinking are cheap, but roaming into the city or state and using public transport is expensive. That’s why the government of Goa started this facility for their visitors. In the Hop-On Hop-Off facility, tourists can take a bus pass for one to two days and easily roam in Goan.
  3. Casinos in Goa: There are several Casinos in Goa where you can try your luck and enjoy parties with glamour and a massive variety of liquor. In the casino, you can experience paid games, and if your chance is with you, then get earnings but try to visit a good casino that is not included in the illegal activities.
  4. Get a Chance to Experience Protugal Culture in India: Once upon a time, there were many Protugeous living in Goa and captured this party capital. Still, when we reach this tiny state of India, we can get a chance to experience their culture and get to know about the history and Portugal culture, which will fill a thrill in your tour.

Final Words

Above we discuss the five reasons Goa should be on your bucket list. Staying in a good resort is also a big decision because it can control your trip by making it relaxable or stressed. So there are many Resort in North Goa that provide all the luxurious amenities you can choose any, but there is a White Flower Morjim resort in Goa which is the finest one near Morjim Beach.

From here you can roam near the seaside whenever you want and enjoy the never-ending parties on the beach. They provide all the amenities at an affordable price. Call Now to book your stay: +91 8956902240

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