The Top 5 Reasons Explaining the Growing Popularity of Cricket


Top 5 Reasons Explaining the Growing Popularity of Cricket

Beginning: Whenever the Indian Premier League rolls around, there is unprecedented joy and excitement in the hearts and minds of most cricket fans. And when there is a cricket test or one-day international between two rival sides, the stakes are too high to ignore or put aside. Like its sports cousin, football, cricket has become a global sport played around the world with joy and lots of competitive spirit. We have seen an amazing connectivity of people across the globe come together just because of their fascination and admiration for cricket across Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, Australia, Canada, and North and South America. This shows the level of influence and impact of the game overall.

There are many reasons for crickets’ popularity, but these sum it up

Gain in Global Acceptance and Adoption:

Cricket is one of the fastest-growing sports with a global impact and following. Previously perceived as a colonial sport, this tag has long been erased, with the new entrants proving more competitive than those who have played it longer. It has been adopted purely for its athletic, entertainment, and commercial value. Every true cricket lover stays tuned and glued to their TV screens or in live stadium settings. The sporting and entertainment value that cricket brings is unmistakable. And because of this, fosters these subpoints:

  • An inclusiveness drive and appeal. Cricket, besides being an inclusive sport that is bringing many nations together, is also driving a powerful appeal for men and women. As the game gains more players across diverse backgrounds, it has created a new niche of fans and players.
  • It is the second most popular game globally, with a growing number of players and fans. The multicultural character of the game is inspiring a global wave of affection. As the second most popular sport after football, cricket largely gains popularity due to the fact that it inspires many to adopt it easily. It has been played in the most unlikely places, like street sides, open-air grounds, or gullies in cramped settlements. Its simplicity is what draws more players and fans alike.

Considered both a sport and ‘religion’ in some parts of Asia. It has emerged as the single largest draw of fans in complete love for the game. They worship some of the legends that have left an indelible impact on the game with mighty deeds of success. Their efforts on the pitch have made some so emotionally attached to those unforgettable memories.

Increased Sponsorship of Mega Cricket Tournaments

Cricket has emerged as a big sponsorship opportunity for mega-corporations trying to reach a specific target market. Today, with millions and billions of dollars spent on global Cricket tournaments, it points to the popularity and growth of the game.

Increased Awareness Programmes and Youth Enrollment and Training: 

Across most parts of Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America, there are youth programmes aimed at youth. These training programmes ensure the game gets better exposure for the next generation.

Well-Paying in Terms of Players Remuneration and Sponsorship Packages:

We all have career options that bring us better pay based on performance. Cricket tournaments make players and sponsors big bucks. Players are on record as being paid so well that they earn more than a top corporate job.

Great Cricketing Legends and Ambassadors: 

Each great game’s reputation is based on the glorious past it exemplifies and portrays. Cricket is one such sport that has evolved and built its reputation globally, regionally, and locally. It inspires the best legends to identify and stay attached to the game. Whenever there are vital exposures and symposia, cricket gets more exposed and popular.


Cricket today inspires many young and old alike across nations and civilizations to take up the sport. It has long been played with fanatical grace and passion in most parts of Asia, like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. In most of these countries, it is the number one sport played with utmost devotion. Who can forget the incredible moment of India lifting the Cricket World Cup Trophy in 1983 and 2011 or Australia triumphing in 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2021 in nail-biting Cricket World Cup final match clinchers? These moments have strengthened cricket’s popularity further.

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