Fantasy Cricket Has Overtaken Other Online Cricket Games


The Fantasy Cricket is very popular now and has overtaken other online cricket games. Play fantasy cricket on consider11 and win big rewards.

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There are many online cricket games available with great user interfaces and graphics. In 2008 fantasy cricket was launched in India at the time when the Indian Premier League was introduced, and this is a trend towards fantasy cricket.

Many peoples like to play online cricket games. Still, when Fantasy Cricket launched, most youngsters started playing cricket over fantasy cricket applications, and slowly, with time, fantasy cricket overtook other online cricket games. In this blog, I will discuss why fantasy cricket is more popular than other online games.

Why Fantasy Cricket Has Overtaken Other Online Cricket Games?

In the online cricket game, there is only one option where you will get a pre-build computerized team. You have to compete with computer bots, unknowns, and known ones, and you get only virtual rewards, but fantasy cricket is different from other online cricket applications. On the fantasy sports platform, you can build your fantasy cricket squad of 11 players, which is going to be played in a real forthcoming game. And there are many reasons why this app leaves behind other online cricket games.

Compete with live players in Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is a platform where you can compete with live players when the live match is on the field. There is no bot in the live round of fantasy cricket. Here you can enjoy the game with real players, which makes the game interesting.

Game excitement

Playing any online game is just for entertainment, but in fantasy cricket, players will get points based on real players’ performance. The online player gets points as much as they hit the runs or take wickets.

Earn cash rewards

In fantasy cricket, you can earn lots of cash winnings. It depends on the performance of the players on the entire field, which you choose while making your squad. You can win real cash if your team exists in the top-ranking chart.

Fantasy Cricket is strategic and skill game

Many online cricket games are available to play, but they are just for entertainment. Here on the fantasy cricket application, you have to put your efforts into the game, which depends on your skill and strategic mind, and it makes the game more interesting.

No interruption and lags

In other online cricket games, you have to suffer from interruptions and lags, and it makes the game tedious. But in the fantasy cricket game, there is no interruption and lags. You can play this game frequently and enjoy your winnings.


When you play on other online cricket game applications, you need to invest your time, but here, you just have to make the team, and while the match is going on, you can also use your time on other activities. Just be in the game while performing other work and earn cash without wasting time playing games.

Feel active participation on the fantasy cricket app

When you choose to play cricket on a fantasy cricket application, you can actively take participation in real cricket because when a player of your squad hits a run or take a wicket, you earn a point. But, in other cricket games, there is just an online match with virtual players or a computer bot.

Which is the finest application to play fantasy cricket?

Scores of applications are available to play fantasy cricket but Consider 11 is one of the finest applications to play fantasy cricket, in which you can enjoy the game and earn real cash without facing any issues.

Why Choose to Consider 11?

On this finest fantasy cricket application, you can play practice matches without participating in any real match, and it gives you an experience of how to play fantasy cricket. There is more than one game available in this app. You can also play fantasy football and kabaddi on one platform.

Consider11, fantasy cricket app that gives you 24*7 customer support. If you are facing any issues, you can connect with the customer care executive, who will help you to resolve your problem related to the application.

On this platform, you can make more than one team for the same match. Even for the upcoming matches, you can create a virtual squad in advance and make necessary changes before the match. Here you can play with your known ones and withdraw instant cash based on the points you have, which you and the real players earn.

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