Kashmir Great Lakes Trek : Must Visit in Kashmir

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Located in India, Kashmir is the perfect escape from reality. Kashmir has all the beauties in the world. Marvellous mountains, panoramic lakes, gorgeous green meadows, dense forest, you name it, it got it. The best thing about Kashmir is that all of these are at the peak when it comes to beauty. Kashmir is home to various wonderful treks which take you through the wondrous paths of Kashmir. Among them all, one is Kashmir Great Lakes Trek.

Compared to all the other lake treks that ever existed, Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is off the chart. It got its name as it covers six picturesque alpine lakes. Apart from lakes, it also has beautiful streams gushing around, paths around the mother earth’s wonder, the green meadows, and finally snow-capped peaks. 

Location of the trek

This trek is 5 km away from Srinagar. It is home to six pristine lakes. These lakes are located in the alpine zone of Kashmir Himalayas. They stretch across several valleys. This includes Gangbal valley, Nichnai valley and Gadsar valley. The trek takes around seven days to complete, taking you through all the best parts of Kashmir. 

Route of the trek

The starting point is in Srinagar. The first part is a drive that starts from Srinagar towards Shitkadi which is 50 km away. On reaching Shitkadi, the trek begins. First comes the trek towards Nichnai, which is at an altitude of 3,507 m. This trek takes around 6.5 hours to complete. Next is the trek to Vishnusar. The path that takes you to Vishnusar is the Nichnai pass. It goes as high as 4,032 m taking 7 hours. Next, you trek towards Gadsar. This is a 7.5 hour trek which goes as high as 4,180 m and as low as 3,263 m. This trek is of moderate difficulty. From Gadsar is the trek towards Satsar which is 11.5 km. This takes 4.5 hours. Then, you have to trek towards Gangabal for 6 hours. You will trek through Zaj pass to reach Gangabal. Now comes the last but not the least trek. This trek is from Ganganal towards Naranag. Here, the altitude drops to 2,377 m. Hence, the trek comes to an end. The left out part is the drive back to Srinagar.

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Best months for the trek

Treks can be explored and felt the best when it is done at the right time. There are two reasons for this. First one would be the fact that in the wrong months, the weather could get bad making it hard for you to make the best out of it. The other one is that during the best months, the trek and the landscape will look as fine as possible. Hence, it’s crucial to know the best months for any trek.

When it comes to Kashmir Great Lake Trek, the best month to do this trek starts from early July, all through August and till the mid of September. Unlike the neighbourhood, this is not the period of monsoon in Kashmir. The heavy rains it could have received are blocked by hill ranges. Thanks to that, we get an opportunity to witness this beauty. During these months is when summer transitions into autumn. You can see the transition live with small yet wonderful progresses. This makes it the best time to trek. The reason why the rest of the months aren’t suitable is because of the fact that the entire path will be buried under snow. It will be very difficult to navigate through and trek.

Accommodations of the trek

During this trek, you will have most of your nightstays in tents and camps. You will also get opportunities to sleep, gazing at the pretty stars, the ice beauty mountains, and the crystal beauty lake. This trek is located in a remote area and hence, you won’t notice any buildings and structures. When it comes to food, you have to eat quite tummy-filling healthy ones rather than appetizing as you’ll need a lot of strength for this trek. Carry around chocolates, dry fruits and biscuits as support for sudden hunger and emergency situations.

Difficulty of the trek

This trek is ranked as moderate to difficult in the chart of difficulty. This makes it obvious that it is quite hard. The path takes you through rough, untamed mountains. This trek requires you to get fit for it especially. This trek is not advisable for beginners because of the high altitude and rugged route. Trekkers who love adrenaline rush should definitely give a try to this trek.


To conclude, this trek is without a doubt one of the prettiest among all the treks in India and definitely the most beautiful lake trek. It gives you a variety of picture perfect views and gives you the rush that you so badly wanted. Plan your vacation right now and book your tickets to this mind-blowing trek!

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