How Traditional artificial jewellery of Tripura Can Enhance Your Look?


Women in Tripura wear traditional artificial jewellery on numerous occasions, such as weddings, festivals, and other significant occasions. The ethnic jewellery set is made with elaborate motifs and displays the skilled craftsmanship of Tripuran craftspeople.

The following are some traditional artificial jewellery set items that ladies in Tripura frequently wear:

Coin artificial jewellery :

 The ethnic necklace set in Tripura is distinctive and handcrafted by locals. These items of jewelry are universally liked by travelers. The jewellery is primarily made of bronze, silver, and copper. The coin-shaped designs give these jewellery its uniqueness.

Metal coins are used to create accessories such as necklaces, earrings, anklets, and even headbands. The coins are embellished with representations of historical cultural types, such as a depiction of Lord Shiva destroying the evil King Tripura. For formal occasions, the women prefer to wear “Kara,” or large, heavy bangles.

Bamboo and Cane Jewellery :

There are also handcrafted bamboo and cane artificial jewellery items available in addition to coin jewellery. Bamboo is reworked into a variety of things by the village craftspeople, including bamboo bangles, bamboo earrings, fashionable cane necklaces, and many other items.

The bamboo earrings are really light, and all bamboo imitation jewellery set is available in a variety of lovely hues. The ornaments made of bamboo and cane are extremely detailed and beautiful. There are no bamboo and cane ornaments in any other region of the country or overseas.

Kara :

Indian men and women frequently wear thick metal rings or bracelets called kadas or karas on their hands or wrists. Sikhs and some Hindus use this bracelet as a sign of their religion. The Kada, which is often used to honor a religious person and is primarily made of iron, has various design types.


 A necklace called a rigtai is created by stringing beads together. Seeds, shells, and occasionally even bones are used to create the beads. It is seen as a necessary item of jewellery for women in Tripura and is worn around the neck to accessorize traditional clothing.


A pecha bracelet is designed from cane rings. After being interwoven, the rings are embellished with beads and gemstones. It is a wristband accessory that is worn to represent wealth and luck.


A bamboo earring is known as a Thuri. Bamboo sticks are split into tiny pieces and then elaborate patterns are carved out of them. Then, it is embellished with gems and beads. The Tripura women’s traditional clothing is complemented by thuri, which is worn on the ear.


A kamthap is a ring that can be either gold or silver. It’s worn on the finger and is seen as a status and riches symbol. The ring is embellished with priceless stones, which enhance its attractiveness and elevate it to the status of a magnificent item of artificial jewellery.

Mayur Benti

 The silver ethnic necklace known as Mayur Benti is fashioned to mimic peacock feathers. The necklace, which is worn around the neck, is regarded as one of Tripura’s most exquisite pieces of jewellery.

Artificial jewellery for Men

Typically, Tripuri men don’t want to wear jewellery. Some people might dress with metal rings, coin-covered headbands, and belts during particular events. This clothing complements the typical costume beautifully. Men will occasionally hold a “Kara” (bangle) in one hand. In Chakma tribes, men can also purchase coin necklaces. 

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A significant portion of the tribal people in Tripura are of Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Buddhist roots. Every tribe has customary practices that are unique to its clan. Each tribe has a unique set of colors and motifs on their garments to set them apart from one another. 

When performing ceremonial dances or celebrating special occasions, individuals often wear silver artificial jewellery in addition to their clothing. Silver is the typical material for jewelry. 

The women of Tripura wear nose rings, silver or bronze earrings, and necklaces made of coins. They also wear silver bangles and nose rings. Additionally, flowers have been known to be adorned.

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