8 Best Skills To Be A Netrunner In Cyberpunk 2077


Check out these great skills that people must get if they want to become Netrunners.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a role-playing game with no set classes. This means that as players discover Night City, they can mix and match their attributes and skills. This gives players the freedom to finish either the main story or the side jobs in whatever way they think is best.

One of the most popular ways to play is to use the technology that is available to them and become a “Netrunner.” In the TV show Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Kiwi and Lucy play the roles of Netrunners, which is something that many other players have also tried to do. Players can also turn their V into a Netrunner by buying these skills in particular.

Total Recall

Total Recall may seem like a small perk that doesn’t change the cost of things much for a Netrunner. But it can be a very important passive to have a point in. Total Recall cuts all quickhack costs by one more point of RAM when the ICEpick server is used.

For players who don’t know what the ICEpick daemon is, it is a quickhack that is quickly put on all of the player’s cyberdecks and can be used to attack enemies. The ICEpick daemon lowers the cost of all quickhacks, and this skill lowers it even more. This makes fighting with quickhacks much easier.

Almost In

To be a good Netrunner, a player must first learn how to use the technology around them and that of their enemies to get the upper hand in a lot of dangerous situations. By putting points into the passive skill “Almost In,” players will have up to 40% more time to solve the mini-game “Breach Protocol.”

Players can earn resources by playing this mini-game. These resources can be used to make better quickhacks, make more money, or even hurt enemies so that they take more damage when they are hit again.


It’s important that players can use multiple quickhacks on a single enemy to kill them fast. However, this can cost a lot of RAM, which is a resource needed to use quickhacks. In Cyberpunk 2077, there are also skills in the Quickhacking skill tree that can help with this.

When a player uses a second quickhack on an enemy, the cost of this hack goes down by two RAM units. But it will only work if the earlier quickhack is still having an effect on the enemy, so players should move quickly.


Biosynergy is a passive skill in the Quickhacking tree that is also a very important one that players should think about maxing out. Even if a player tries to be quiet and sneaky, there may be times when they get caught. When this happens, recovering RAM takes longer or can’t be done at all.

With the skill Biosynergy, players will be able to keep regaining RAM even when they are being attacked, so they can use quickhacks to do good again. Biosynergy has three levels, which is different from most of the other skills. This means that players can improve it to get back up to twelve RAM every sixty seconds.

Mass Vulnerability: Quickhacks

Before using quickhacks, the player can use the daemons in Breach Protocol to take advantage of their enemy. Such as the ICEpick Daemon, which lowers the cost of all the player’s quickhacks.

But the Mass Vulnerability server goes one step further by making all enemies take more damage from the player’s quickhacks. This is a very dangerous daemon that can only be bought by players with sixteen Intelligence qualities. After buying it, players can do 30% more damage to enemies that this daemon hurts.

Subliminal Message

As was already said, players who want to be good Netrunners will need to be stealthy as they sneak around. So that their victims don’t know about the hacks that will kill them. With the skill Subliminal Message, players have even more reason to attack while staying hidden.

When you use a quickhack on an enemy who is unaware and have put all of your skill points into this passive perk, the quickhack will do 100% more damage. Using this with a deadly hack could kill an enemy quickly, before they even knew what was happening.

Daisy Chain

Unfortunately, the cooldowns on Netrunners’ quickhacks tend to slow them down. So they can’t use them too fast after marking an enemy with them. With the right gear and passive bonuses like Daisy Chain. These quickhack cooldowns can be shortened if an enemy who was hacked quickly dies.

Daisy Chain is another perk with three levels in Backrooms game. If you level it up to its highest level and then kill an enemy who is affected by a quickhack. The cooldowns for all your other quickhacks will be cut in half.


The Quickhacking skill of Plague is by far one of the most important perks that players who want to become Netrunners should think about buying. Many of the quickhacks that players can use kill only one enemy. But there are a lot of perks that can slowly kill more than one enemy.

Plague makes it possible for these quickhacks to spread to more targets. By slowly improving the perk, players can finally make a quickhack affect up to three more targets. This also makes it so that players need less RAM to hit enemies. Since one quickhack can take out a whole group of them.

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