7 Tips For Mining In Sun Haven


Before you start mining in Sun Haven, you should learn about magic and other useful things.

In Sun Haven, you play as a new farmer who is trying to make a living in a world full of magical creatures and interesting people. Mining is one of the most important parts of the game, and it has its own skill tree with many different upgrades. No matter if you use magic or magical pickaxes, someone has to mine these nodes to make better tools to protect the quiet city.

In the mines, you’ll have to deal with threats, bad luck, and time. The game makes the boring task more fun by giving you magic and skills that speed up the process, so make sure you’re ready for the task.

Saving Daylight

Sun Haven gives players a scale that lets them change how long their day is. At its longest setting, the day lasts for 40 minutes. Turn that slider up before you go down to the mines so you can spend more time gathering ore and getting around the tunnels. It also helps to mine when it rains, so you don’t have to water your crops.

When you get caught leaving or coming back from the quarry after curfew, you have to spend time and money that could have been used to fix the town. But you can teleport back home by quitting and reopening the game, saving your progress, and picking up where you left off. Use the trick to stay out as late as you need to until it’s time to go.

Tangential Qualifications

The Mining skill tree gives you a long list of benefits that will help you find and use the rich ores you’ve found. Useful skills like Coal Miner can help you gather coal for making ores, and Blast Mining gives you a chance to make a shower of ores. You could also play up the Blacksmith myth and make a lot of money by making specialized armor and high-quality items.

Active mining is where you will get most of your mining experience. But you could also get mining experience by doing quests from the Bulletin Board or by asking people in towns for special tasks. When you use the Jam Maker to make jam and eat it, you get a lot of experience points for any skill you’re working on.

Keys Now, Ores Later

Even though it’s tempting to get every stone out of a floor before going on, it’s much better (and less boring) to mine efficiently. Smelt all the ores you find into keys to quickly and permanently open all the gates. Copper and Iron tools don’t make much of a difference, so it would be better to make more keys to open the gates. Also, the enemies you face on the first few floors aren’t strong enough to make you want better gear.

The first big goal is to mine Adamant ore past the 20th floor. In addition to giving you a nice boost, these tools can also help you get rid of Hardwood and Heavystone that are blocking your farm. The next big goal is to get Sunite ore, but if you need to, you can also make a few tools out of Mithril.

Bring Ranged Firepower

There are dangerous enemies in the mines who can tell Dr. Wornhardt for free if you overlook them. A good plan would be to stop them with knives. But since some of the enemies are at a distance and a pile of rocks is in the way, you should bring a powerful projectile weapon before going spelunking.

A stronger Fireball spell can easily scare off any underground enemies, but it wastes your energy in the process, which is not ideal. Even better, a well-made crossbow can deal deadly damage from a distance without using any of your mana.

Blast Mining

When you hit the fourth level and learn the useful Vacuumulus spell, mining stops being so boring. When you use the power, a shockwave is sent out near you that hurts rocks, nodes, enemies, and other things. The spell turns boring mining into a crime against the environment as you blast through the tunnels, spewing out rusty keys, ores, and experience as you go.

You can make the spell stronger by increasing its damage with gear and other skills, like those in the fighting tree. You’ll lose a lot of mana with Vaccumulus, so you’ll want to make sure it works on the first try.

Keep The Mana Flowing

The Vacuumulus spell will make it easy for you to work in the mines. Investing in your mana pool and making sure you have a steady supply of mana items will allow you to use your best spell more often. There are many ways to get more mana, such as eating certain foods and reading magic tomes.

During the early 8 Ball Pool game, it’s harder to find items that give you mana. Blueberries that you juice and Water Crystals are great ways to get your mana back. Cheese, which is made by putting Milk through the Cooking Pot’s processing, gives back a good amount of mana for a small amount of work. You’ll need all the mana you can get, so find other gifts for the people.

Rocks And Stones

There are 50 floors of stones, riches, and enemies in the Sun Haven mines. At the end of every tenth floor, you’ll find a prize and a gate that you can open to move on to the next set of floors. At the end of the 20th and 40th floor, you’ll have to go through an Ore Muncher that needs a certain number of stones, ores, and gems.

Set aside some ores to pay the Ore Muncher’s toll. You can always go see the thing to find out what it wants. There are better ways to make money in the Sun Haven than selling the extra ore you collected for cash.

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