7 Hardest Achievements In Hogwarts Legacy


With these challenges, Hogwarts Legacy players will have to work hard to earn all of the game’s achievements.

Hogwarts Legacy is known for its great realism, which throws players right into a Pensieve of memories. But if you want a challenge, even the hardest level of the game isn’t that hard. The hardest boss fights require more patience than skill.

Still, like most games, Hogwarts Legacy has some super-hard awards that can be hard to get, especially for players who don’t know what they’re doing. Players’ magic skills, their drive, and sometimes their creativity will be put to the test by these achievements.

Spilled Milk – Use Flipendo Ten Times To Tip One Cow Or Several

Spilled Milk is by far the funniest award in Hogwarts Legacy. It’s not hard to get if you know about it, but because it’s so silly, not many people would get it if they didn’t know about it.

After learning Flipendo from Professor Garlick, players can go to the Highlands, find a cow, and flip it ten times to make the milk come out. Even if this is funny, people shouldn’t do it in front of Poppy Sweeting because she might not find it funny.

A Forte For Achievement – Reach Level 40

In Hogwarts Legacy, the highest level a player can get to is 40, and it takes a lot of work to get there. Those who keep going will get the A Forte For Achievement, which is good news.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can quickly level up and get experience points by finishing quests, beating enemies in the area around Hogwarts, and collecting Field Guide Pages. Battle Arenas are one of the fastest ways to level up, but they can be very hard.

Finishing Touches – Use Ancient Magic On Every Enemy In The Game

In Hogwarts Legacy, the main character has a rare type of magic called “Ancient Magic,” and it is this power that moves the story forward. This magic can be used to do amazing-looking Ancient Magic Finishers and to throw rocks and other things.

To get the Finishing Touches title, players must use this ability on every type of enemy, but it doesn’t have to kill them. Since there’s no way to keep track of this award, players will just have to use Ancient Magic over and over again during the game.

The Good Samaritan – Complete All Side Quests

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are 57 side tasks that must be done in order to get The Good Samaritan achievement. This is a hard achievement because you have to find a lot of quests. Some of the side quests are also some of the hardest goals in all of Hogwarts Legacy.

If a player wants to get this achievement, they should check the map for any tasks they might have missed. When you move your mouse over Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, all the quests you can do there will also show up.

The Nature Of The Beast – Breed Every Type Of Beast

There are a lot of cute magical creatures in Hogwarts Legacy. Most of these creatures can be bred by catching them and making a Breeding Pen in one of their vivariums. The cuter babies are a prize in and of themselves, but players can also get The Nature of the Beast achievement by breeding all 12 types of beasts.

This is a hard award to get because players have to find all the places in Funny Shooter 2 game where these creatures can be found before they can use the Nab-sack to catch them. This is not an easy job, especially for creatures that are hard to catch and on harder difficulties.

Merlin’s Beard! – Complete All Merlin Trials

There are 95 Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy. Finding them all is a challenge in and of itself, but players who do so will earn the Merlin’s Beard title. There are many different kinds of trials, and players will need to use a wide range of spells to get through them. However, the number of trials is what makes this award so hard.

In Hogwarts Legacy, one of the Exploration Challenges is to finish the Merlin Trials. When players do this, they will also get more gear choices. When players have more space in their inventory, they won’t have to go to vendors as often to sell their stuff.

Collector’s Edition – Complete All Collections

Collector’s Edition is the hardest title in Hogwarts Legacy. Only the most dedicated players have been able to get it so far. There are 10 types of collections, and players have to finish all of them. These are Potions, Enemies, Looks, Revelio Pages, Beasts, Traits, Wand Handles, Conjurations, Ingredients, and Brooms.

Some of these are easy to find, like Potions and Ingredients, because you only need a few of them. However, getting all 140 Conjuration items in Hogwarts Legacy is not an easy task.

Hogwarts Legacy is now available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Versions for PS4 and Xbox One will be out on May 5, and a Switch version will be out on July 25.

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