7 Fixes Blanc Needs To Be A Great Game


Blanc is a cute game with a simple story, but it could be even better with a few changes.

In the cute game Blanc, you follow a wolf cub and a deer as they try to get back to their families. The game has beautiful black-and-white graphics that bring the different landscapes to life as you help the animals cross them.

Even though the game is fun to play by yourself or with another person, there are still some ways it could be improved or expanded. With these changes, Blanc would go from being a game you play a few times and then move on from to one you are more likely to come back to and get more out of.

More Challenging Puzzles

Several times in Blanc, the wolf cub and the deer have to work together to clear a path, either for themselves or for other animals they meet along the way. Most of these “puzzles” are pretty easy, and if you’re playing with another person, you won’t have to talk with them too much.

But since Blanc is meant to be played with other people, it would be great if these puzzle parts were harder. This would force you to work better with a second person and organize more. It would also fit with the game’s main theme, which is that the wolf cub and the deer learn to help each other and other people in need. Even if you were playing by yourself, this would help the game’s message stand out and make the game more interesting overall.

More Animal Interactions

In Blanc’s chapters, you meet a family of geese, two goat kids, and your wolf cub and deer brothers. You help them get where they need to go, but you don’t talk to them very much. Most of the time, you don’t see the person again after you’ve helped them.

Focusing on the friendship between the wolf cub and the deer on their trip makes sense, but it would have been nice to have more interactions with the other animals you meet instead of just cutscenes at the beginning and end of each chapter.

Make Chapter 6 A Sliding Minigame

When there is a slope, you can also slide down the field instead of walking or running. Chapter 6 is all about sliding down the hill. But there’s not much to do besides, well, fall and try to avoid things.

This would have been a great minigame if there had been harder hurdles to avoid, checkpoints to go through, points to earn, and a timer to beat. Even though this might go against Blanc’s slow, relaxed vibe, it fits the playful nature of the two animals you play as and would have made the chapter much more fun overall.

Better Camera Fluidity

When there are two playable characters but only one screen. There are going to be some camera problems, and Blanc sometimes has to deal with this. If one of the animals gets a little too far ahead of the other, the camera moves, which often blocks the view of the other animal and makes it harder to keep going.

This is especially annoying if you’re playing Blanc by yourself and need to handle both animals, or if you’re playing with someone else and one of your animals gets stuck. You might have to go backwards to get a better view of the area and let the other animal move forward. But all of this could be avoided if you had more control over the camera position.

Add Collectibles

Blanc is a simple game. The wolf cub and the deer are just trying to get home to their families. And there isn’t much else going on. But the beautiful scenery and art direction of the game make you want to look around and take your time. The trouble is that doing so doesn’t pay off.

If there was some kind of item to find along the way. This would be the perfect incentive to look in places you might not look in otherwise. It could be something natural, like pine cones, to go with the game’s natural and simple themes. The wolf cub and the deer could also each have their own items they need to get.

Better Animal AI

In the second half of the game, other animals will try to move like you do to help you get. Where you need to go. This can be tricky, though. In the parts with the goat kids and the wolf cub and deer siblings. The animals that are following you often get stuck and don’t follow you the whole way.

When this happens, you have to go back and watch to make sure they are copying your moves properly. This tends to stop the flow of Slope Game, and you have to go back to make sure the AI is working right. If the animals get stuck on your first try, you might think you’re doing the puzzle part wrong. Which can lead you astray when it comes to finishing that part. If this were perfected, these parts would go a lot more easily.

Reconcile With The Goat Kids

In Chapters 7 and 8, you guide two young goats across the land. As you spend two chapters with them, you can’t help but fall in love with them and their cute bleats. At the end of Chapter 8, though, bad things happen. When you’re crossing shaky pipes, the pipe breaks and the black goat kid falls from a great height.

They seem fine, but after this, both goat kids are hostile to the wolf cub and deer. Because they helped the goat kid fall. They grow irritated and bleat if you talk to them again, so you have to continue on without them. The goat youngsters never return, which is sad and nasty. After the game, it would have been wonderful for everyone to reconcile and the goat kids to pardon the wolf cub and deer.

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