6 Best PlayStation Games That Allow Mods


Not many PlayStation games let you change things, but these do, and they’re great.

The console environment has never been very open to mods, and unlike when you play on a PC, you usually can’t download mods to make a game better. But this changed when some Bethesda games broke through that limit, even though Sony wasn’t too happy about it.

Xbox has always been happy to have mods on its devices, but PlayStation has been very iffy about letting them on its platform. This makes sense, since mods can be a way to break a game or find content that isn’t controlled by the platform owner. There are, however, a few places where mods can be used on PlayStation devices.

Unreal Tournament 3

Release Date2007
DeveloperEpic Games
Modding SystemUSB Drive Import

Even though it’s been around for a while, Unreal Tournament is a well-known series from the past. Back when it was on the PS3, it had a huge fan base, and with a huge fan base comes a lot of changes. But Unreal Tournament 3 for the PS3 made it much harder to download mods than it is with games today, which have a lot more mod support.

To use a mod for Unreal Tournament, you would have to get the mod files from a different source and download them to your PS3.You could download them to a memory stick and then go to the game’s Community tab, go to My Content, and press Square to import the changes. It’s a pain to get through, but the fun mods you can download make it worth it. Many of the mods made for Unreal Tournament were new war maps that got players interested in the game again and made them want to play it again.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Special Edition

Release Date2016
DeveloperBethesda Game Studios
Modding SystemBethesda.net Mods Menu

Skyrim was the first game to have console mods, so the PS4 version of the game has a lot of mods that change things like graphics, armor sets, how NPCs act, and even new quests made by fans for fans. Even though Skyrim has been out for a long time, the hacking community keeps coming up with new ways to keep it fresh and bring attention back to it.

It’s easy to get mods for Skyrim on the PS4. First, make a Bethesda account and sign in to it through the mod submenu, which you can get to from the main page. After that, all you have to do is find mods that you like and download them. The game will take care of the rest. For people who are new to editing, there are some great places to start. The first one you should try is Surreal Lighting. It gives the game’s lighting a general graphics makeover, making it feel more real and full of atmosphere.

Fallout 4

Release Date2015
DeveloperBethesda Game Studios
Modding SystemBethesda.net Mods Menu

Fallout 4, another game from Bethesda, was met with some confusion when it came out. Even though it’s a big, beautiful game with lots of life and wonder, a few changes can make it much better. Some mods change the way the game looks, while others fix bugs and glitches that can be seen. You can, of course, add to these mistakes if you want to keep them.

You will need a Bethesda account, just like with the Skyrim patches. After you make an account, go to the mods section, log in, and start looking around. Mods can be chosen by category or ranking, and there are so many choices that you could spend hours just trying out the different things you can do. Because Fallout 4 has a lot of silly bugs, don’t be afraid to try out some of the funny mods that make this part of the game even better. The mods Cheat Room, Companion Infinite Ammo, and Quick Hack and Pick stand out.

Farming Simulator 2015

Release Date2014
DeveloperGIANTS Software
Modding SystemPlayStation Store DLC

Farming Simulator is a popular game that doesn’t get as much attention as it should. Stardew Valley is probably what people will say is their favorite farming game if you ask them. Even though the games are aimed at a small group of people, they have been able to attract fans who are really into the series. So, it’s good that the later games in the series have mods.

If you want to use mods in Farming Simulator 2015, you will need to get them from the PlayStation Store. Mods are called DLC in the PlayStation Store. It’s not the easiest way to get mods for the game, and it doesn’t include the huge number of community changes that PC players have access to, but it’s a good start.

Farming Simulator 2017

Release Date2016
DeveloperGIANTS Software
Modding SystemIn-Game Mod Menu

Half of the games on this list are Farming Simulator games. This is because Farming Simulator is a series that has always been released on multiple platforms and focused on building a strong community of modders.

On PS4, go to the main menu, go down to the modifications submenu, choose a category, and select a mod. It’s simpler now! Tools and tractors are essential for farmers and a wonderful method to introduce new Drift Boss gamers to farming simulators.

Farming Simulator 2019

Release Date2018
DeveloperGIANTS Software
Modding SystemIn-Game Mod Menu

Who would have thought that Farming Simulator 19 would get to this point? Well, Farming Simulator for PS4 got a lot of changes after two years, but the mods section stayed right where it was to keep things easy.

Just like before, you have to scroll down to the mods section and then look through the mods from there. Tractors, hay harvesters, sugarcane technology, cultivators, disc harrows, seeders, you name it! Most likely, it’s a fix that needs to be found.

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