6 Best 2023 Movies That Potential For A Video Game


Several of the movies that have come out so far in 2023 could be made into video games.

The first big movie from the MCU to come out in 2023 failed at the box office. While The Super Mario Bros. movie easily passed the eye-popping $1 billion mark.

With the huge success of Super Mario Bros. and the popularity of HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us. Many people are asking if movies and TV are about to enter the age of the blockbuster video game adaptation. The video game version of the future movie has been around for a long time. People often criticize game tie-ins for seeming rushed and lazy. But some, like Spider-Man 2, have turned out to be classics. This year, there are a lot of movies that could be made into fun video games.

Saw X

It’s been 14 years since the first game in the bloodthirsty Saw series came out. Saw: The Video Game got mixed reviews, and many people were unhappy with how the game handled Jigsaw’s usually scary riddles and general fighting.

But what made it great was how well it told stories and built worlds. With 2021’s Spiral, the series tried to change things up. It will return to a more traditional format with this year’s Saw X. With almost 20 years of dark material to draw from. A new game based on the future movie could be a good way to promote the series and give longtime fans something special. If the original game’s atmosphere and almost literary style were updated with new game features. It could become a modern horror gaming classic. In 2019, a new Saw game almost happened.


Since Insomniac is currently working on original Spider-Man games, this one might seem like a stretch. But in the mid-2000s, games were made based on both Sam Raimi’s movies and the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book series, which set a pattern for multiple Spider-Man games featuring different versions of the character.

The follow-up to Into the Spiderverse, which won an Academy Award and was very popular. Looks like it will be one of the biggest animation movies of 2019. The blurring of motion in the movies could look cool in a video game. For big-time Spider-Man fans, this game adaptation is a must-buy. Because there are so many different versions of Marvel’s most popular hero from different universes to play. Overall, this is one of the most clear and easy-to-sell film-to-game conversions for 2023.


Fans of the jump-scare-filled series hope that the next episode will get the series back on track. With the original cast coming back and the promise of answers about the Red-Faced Demon after 13 years of questions, Insidious has the most buzz it’s had since the first movie’s infamous ending.

The Further could be a scary game. Lost in a spooky, open-world area, players would be on edge at every turn, and the creepy fog that covers the area would only make things worse. Given that Josh and Dalton Lambert have a psychic link, there would also be room for some suspenseful two-player style. Overall, Insidious could be a scary but unusual platform game.

Fast X

When you think about how crazy the later movies in the franchise are, it’s almost hard to believe that there hasn’t been a big Fast and Furious game for the eighth or ninth generation yet. Since Fast X is supposed to be Dom Torreto and company’s last movie. now could be the right time to change that.

From the looks of the trailers, fans can leave their brains at the door and just enjoy the explosions. Action series like Just Cause have shown that this is also a popular way to have fun with games. A Fast X game could be the next step in this long-running series. It would be like a high-octane mix of Just Cause and the Need for Speed series.


The dangerous, sandworm-filled world of Arrakis is ready for large-scale, open-world games. Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 Dune showed that Frank Herbert’s famous sci-fi epic was not impossible to adapt, which many people thought after seeing David Lynch’s 1984 cult classic version and the miniseries. Dune: Spice Wars, a game that came out last year, set a good example.

Dune: Part Two’s big trailer has already gotten a lot of attention. So it looks like this sophomore effort will do very well at the box office this Fall. Now that Dune has finally taken over the world of movies, it’s time for the series to take the next step in its promise as a gaming franchise and give gamers the kind of expensive, gritty adventure that this series is known for. Since Happy Wheels is the last part of the first book, a big game could be based on both movies, giving players a lot for their money.


It’s been over 23 years since the much-loved Beast Wars series was made into a video game. Since Beast Wars: Transmetals didn’t do well, Rise of the Beasts could be the chance to make up for it.

As fans of the polarizing series have come to expect, the upcoming movie seems to be all action and spectacle. The story is mostly about the Autobots and a dangerous situation involving everyone from the tiny Maximals to the planet-sized Unicron, who hasn’t been in a game since 2004’s Armada adaptation. A popular part of marketing Michael Bay’s movies was tying them to video games.

This could help Rise of the Beasts a lot and let a new group of players play as their favorite Transformers on the ninth generation of consoles. It could also give players a more typical game experience than Beyond Reality did last year.

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