5 Combat Tips For Sailing Era


At first, it can be hard to figure out how to fight other ships in Sailing Era. With these tips and tricks, you should be able to improve faster.

In Sailing Era, being out on the open water can be a lot of fun and exciting, but it’s also very dangerous. Not only are the weather conditions bad, but you also have to deal with other boaters. Some of them might be in the same market as you, but others just want to steal your stuff.

Pirates are a real danger that can show up and attack at any time in Sailing Era. You might want to charge into fight, but there’s one problem: you’re not a pirate, so you might not have the same advantage. Still, fights will happen, and you need to be ready.

Avoid Getting Flanked

Even though you’re fighting on boats, you can use a lot of the same strategies you use on land. So, when pirates target you, they will usually try to surround you.They will sail in big loops to try to attack you from all sides and fire at the same time.

To avoid this, sail right past them and go around the farthest ship to get back.Most of the time, when there are three ships in a group, two will stay together and one will try to cut you off.Once you’re behind the lone enemy, kill it quickly and then go after the two that are next to it. If you can sail between them, it can be very confusing for them.

Don’t Use Charge Unless You’re Equipped

You can improve your ship in many ways, but guns are the most important. You can put guns on all sides of your ships, and some of them will fire on their own.Range is nice, but you should always put harm first.Most of the time, guns that do more damage have a shorter range and put your ship in danger.

If you go this way, your ship’s hull should be able to handle it.Have a set of close-range guns and a reinforced hull if you want stronger, more accurate shots and to be ready for attacks from the other side. But this can be expensive early on, so use a build with a long range and fast speed for a longer but safer fight.

Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Space

Making sure you have choices is the most important part of any kind of fight.Getting close to the enemy may make it harder for them to move, but it also makes it harder for you to move. As you play Sailing Era, you’ll see that the same thing is true for ships. Remember that the slower you go, the bigger your ship is. Don’t spend money on a strong ship just to be safe. It’s always better to have speed on your side because it gives you more options.

Your guns have very clear strike ranges, and most will stop working if you get too close. When fighting a battle at sea, make sure you have room to move around so you can switch between defensive and offensive stances.If your ship is slow but strong, stay close to one of the enemy ships to attack it and draw the other one to you.

Prepare Thoroughly For Close Combat

It would be wrong to have a game that offers pirate battles but doesn’t give you the chance to fight on a personal level. Your crew members are mostly trained in repair and navigation, but they also know how to fight if they have to.Still, your team is only as strong as their stats, so when you’re docked, make sure to level them up often. Also, make sure to go to the item shop to get them better guns and gear to improve their chances.

When you get close to an enemy ship in Drive Mad, you can start a boarding war where your crew fights the pirates. The trouble is that you don’t have much control over how it goes, and the loser’s morale will take a hit. If your morale is too low when you go into fight, run away or stay far away, because one loss in close combat will make you give up.

Try To Keep Your Firing Perpendicular

You can put different guns on your ship. Each gun has a different range, type of damage, and position. Because of where the guns are, it will be clear that there is a good way to set up your ship.Most of the guns will be on the sides, where you can shoot multiple shots at once for a devastating barrage.

But this means that the thieves will try to do the same thing so that they can kill you. Line up the side of your ship with the front of enemy ships to take the least amount of damage and deal the most.Just make sure to move quickly enough that they don’t catch up to you. Now, if you’re fast enough, you can also chase ships and shoot into their backs with your front guns. This lets you hit them without putting yourself at risk of being attacked back.

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