The Best Screen Recorder To Record A Meeting In Zoom Without Permission


With the help of indeed the well-known video conferencing tool Zoom, you can easily host and participate in online meetings. However, there are indeed situations when you want to record a meeting via Zoom without the host’s or other attendees’ consent. This may be done for several purposes, including retaining a record of crucial information, reviewing the meeting afterward, or sharing it with people who could not attend.

However, it is difficult to secretly grabar reunión en Zoom sin ser anfitrión. Zoom includes a built-in recording feature, but it needs the host’s permission and tells everyone when it begins and ends. The host may also limit access to the recorded files or disable the recording option for guests.

How, then, can a meeting in Zoom be recorded without consent? The solution is to use third-party screen recorder software, which may record your computer screen’s audio and video without your knowledge or consent. In this article, we’ll introduce you to iTop Screen Recorder, one of the top screen recorder programmes that may let you secretly record a Zoom conference.

What Is iTop Screen Recorder?

A powerful and user-friendly screen recorder programme, iTop Screen Recorder can capture any activity on your computer screen in high-quality video. You can use it to secretly record Zoom meetings and other online content, including lessons, games, webinars, and videos. iTop Screen Recorder differs from other screen recorder software thanks to several features.

  • It surely allows you to record a portion of your screen, a specific window, or indeed the entire screen.
  • It enables simultaneous recording of the microphone and system sounds.
  • You can add your webcam overlay to your recording using the facecam feature.
  • It contains a screenshot tool that lets you quickly and easily capture any moment on your screen.
  • You may cut, clip, rotate, add a watermark, and change the tempo of your recorded films using the feature’s video editor.
  • It can export in various formats, including MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, and MOV.
  • It is free of watermarks, time restrictions, and lagging problems.

How To Record A Meeting In Zoom Without Permission with iTop Screen Recorder?

You must indeed adhere to these straightforward procedures to record a Zoom conference without authorization:

  1. Get iTop Screen Recorder and set it up on your computer.
  2. Open iTop Screen Recorder and customize the settings to your liking. You can select the output format, webcam overlay, audio source, and recording mode, among other options.
  3. Use Zoom as usual to join or hold a meeting. You can use Zoom’s desktop application or its browser-based version.
  4. To begin recording the meeting, press the red REC button on the iTop Screen Recorder when it begins. Additionally, you may start/stop recording by pressing F9 and pause/resume recording by pressing F10.
  5. When the meeting ends, click the red REC button again to stop recording. You can also use the hotkey F9 to stop recording.
  6. iTop Screen Recorder lets you preview and edit the video you’ve just shot. Your recorded video can also be found in the output folder or directly uploaded to Google Drive or YouTube.


With iTop Screen Recorder, recording a Zoom meeting secretly is possible. Give iTop Screen Recorder a shot if you’re seeking screen recorder software that can secretly record meetings in Zoom. It is indeed simple to use and free to download!

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